Aleksandrović vina za Francuskog Predsednika

During a meeting from which much is expected in domestic political circles, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, presented the first man of France, Emmanuel Macron, with an exclusive gift that contains a part of the written history of our nation, but also a valuable piece of the present, three Serbian wines from the Aleksandrović winery.

For us, the most interesting thing is what was in the special wooden gift box, and it surprised the French president, just like connoisseurs of the domestic wine scene.

Šumadija wines, red Trijumf Noir, white Trijumf Gold and pink Finesa from the premium line of the winery from Oplenac are somewhat of a surprise for local wine lovers because they might expect the red portfolio to represent the Grand Reserve pedigree, and the pink, not the newest label. 

But, given that President Vučić is known as a very good connoisseur of wine, we assumed that it was he who made the selection of labels and with the help of Božidar Aleksandrović, the owner of Winery Aleksandrović, we tried to analyze what and if anything, was behind this choice.

– The Presidency of Serbia procures wines for certain needs in a completely regular way. I didn’t know about the whole story and it was a surprise for me as well as the choice of labels.

* But actually handing Pinot Noir wine from Šumadija, that very specific wine variety to the President of France, sounds quite intriguing as a message?

In addition to Bordeaux, handing Merlot to the French president sounds like something you would have a hard time fascinating him with right from the start, but Pinot Noir is a subtle, elegant and somewhat mystical variety, so it can intrigue anyone. And that selection can only be made by someone who knows the wine story well. Finesa is again a wine from our premium category, a wine from certain parts of the vineyard where all the best were selected and it fits into the gift thanks to its position in the portfolio, of course with the requirement that there be one wine of each color. The biggest asset that the Aleksandrović winery has is the continuity of quality, but in this whole story, it seems to me that the most important thing is that Serbian wine has reached such a level that it can easily be taken to the highest place in France, a country with a great wine tradition which is among the leaders in wine production. And the fact that the wines of the Aleksandrović Winery were part of this story should not be overly discussed but should be thought in the direction of the triumph of Serbian winemaking in some way.

We will only add that in addition to the indisputable quality of Sauvignon Trijumf Gold, the very name of the wine “Gold” is associated with gold, which corresponds to the level of the highest international gifts, while Finesa, as something particularly fine, refined and refined like this wine, is certainly included in this gift – a message to a politician and a man from the land of top wines.

At the same time, the media reports that President Macron promised help on Serbia’s faster path to the European Union, and we believe that Serbian wines will make that big bite slide faster.

Text taken from the portal