wine club



If you are, like the members of our wine club*, a true wine lover, if you enjoy the process of discovering new aromas and flavors, and if wine plays an important part in your everyday life – we would like to invite you to become a part of our wine story.

Love for wine and unconditional dedication to the production of top-quality wines are the essences of our philosophy. Through the wine lovers’ club, we offer you an opportunity to discover the magic that wine brings to this world. We want to share with you new and exciting discoveries, moments of pure joy as well as the privileges that we carefully crafted for you.

As our members, you will be able to enjoy the wines from special vintages that were nurtured and stored in perfect conditions in our cellars, superb tastings and educational workshops organized especially for you as the members of the wine lovers’ club and many other privileges.

If you live in Serbia and the idea of becoming a part of Aleksandrovic Wine Lovers’ Club sounds appealing to you, you can become a member by filling the application form below.

*Currently Aleksandrovic Wine Lovers’ Club is limited to the wine lovers from Serbia only.
We hope that in future this idea could be spread beyond Serbia and that all wine lovers
will have the opportunity to share our passion and join Aleksandrovic wine story.