Festival of Šumadija Wines for the 10th Time in Topola

Dear friends and wine lovers,

On Saturday, June 8th, the jubilee 10th Festival of Šumadija Wines will be held in Topola. This year, the festival will take place at ”Karađorđev konak”, where visitors can look forward to over 150 different wines, an art exhibition, and a jazz quartet concert. Twenty-seven wineries from Šumadija, which are part of the Šumadija Wine Association, will present their wines at the festival.

The Šumadija Wine Association was founded on the tradition of the Venčac Vineyards Cooperative when in September 2013, thirteen Šumadija winemakers, led by Božidar Aleksandrović, established the Association of Wine Producers with the Šumadija Geographical Indication.

For more than a decade, Šumadija winemakers have been united in the common goal of protecting the geographical origin of Šumadija wines, producing high-quality wines, and promoting them on the domestic and international wine scene. They have a clear vision to establish Šumadija as a significant destination on the wine map of Serbia and the world, making Šumadija wines recognized for their authentic style and quality.

During the festival, the Aleksandrović Winery will present a selection of chosen sparkling, white, rosé, and red wines.