Famous people at the Aleksandrović winery

Darrel Joseph at Aleksandrović Winery

During the preparation of his masterclass on the wines of Šumadija, Darrel Joseph, a prominent wine expert and journalist of the prestigious magazine Decanter, was in Šumadija for a few days. During his visit, he had the opportunity to try almost all the wines of 12 wineries from Šumadija, to talk with its winemakers, as well as to get to know Šumadija and its terroir.

Darrel has devoted a significant time visiting our vineyards on the Ježevac hill, near Topola, where together with the owner of the winery, Božidar Aleksandrović, had a tour of vineyards and the opportunity to hear our viticulturist philosophy. Then, Darrel thoroughly analyzed and tasted all the wines from our portfolio. Judging by the reaction, Rodoslov 2009, left a special impression, and Darrel in his masterclass in detail commented on his impressions and notes on this wine.

Russian Chess Grandmaster Karpov at Aleksandrović WInery

Grandmaster Anatoly Karpov, one of the greatest chess players of all time, this March visited the Aleksandrović Winery. Former world champion and the most successful tournament player in the world enjoyed our wines with his friends. He did not hide his delight, and judging by his reaction, Trijumf Selection is the wine that he liked the most.

HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II and Crown Princess Katarina visited the winery Aleksandrović

In early October, we had the great honor to welcome HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II and Crown Princess Katarina at our winery. Owner of the winery Aleksandrović, Božidar Aleksandrović personally escorted HRH the Crown Prince and the princess through the winery and explained all key processes in the production of wine. After the tour, we prepared a tasting of Aleksandrović wines paired with some great food from Šumadija.