Trijumf wines of Aleksandrović winery – accomplishments and awards

Trijumf is the best wine in the Balkans!

Aleksandrović Winery achieved remarkable success at the largest Balkan wine competition, The Balkans International Wine Competition BIWC 2020, where wines from all regional countries competed.

Our white wine Trijumf Selection 2019 has been awarded the Grand Trophy for the best wine in the Balkans!

– This is incredible! I never dreamed that I would receive such a significant award in a country of excellent wines and endless vineyards, such as Bulgaria. It is a real honor, not only for the Aleksandrović Winery but also for the entire Serbian wine industry – pointed out Božidar Aleksandrović during the award ceremony.

The award ceremony was held in Sofia on Thursday, September 17, 2020, during the opening of the Balkan Wine Festival in front of the National Palace of Culture. The Serbian ambassador to Bulgaria, Zeljko Jović, joined the ceremony and presented Serbian winemakers with the trophy awards.

Trijumf Rose, the best rosé of the Old World

Trijumf Rose 2016, from Aleksandrović Winery, painted Japan pink and triumphed in several categories at the 20th “Japan Wine Challenge”, the most prestigious and oldest wine evaluation in the “land of the rising sun”.

In addition to the gold medal, it won the International Trophy for the best rosé wine of the Old World, the Trophy in the category of the best price-quality ratio in the price range from 3,000 to 4,999 yen, as well as the Regional Trophy for Serbia for rosé labels.

Rosé wines are not very popular with wine judges, namely, they usually remain behind the white, and especially red, competitors. And precisely because of this, the news that in Japan, at a highly valued international evaluation with a tradition of exactly two decades, it was the rosé wine from Serbia that literally picked up the “Kajmak” when it comes to awards, further confirms the highest quality of the Šumadija and Oplenac vineyards as a top pledge of wine the future of Serbia.

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The new vintage of the best white wine – Trijumf Gold

After the “golden” Trijumfs from the 2012 and 2015 vintages, the 2016 Trijumf Gold has recently been available for Aleksandrović wine lovers.

A complex and layered white wine, with an exceptional “aftertaste” feeling, according to Vladan Nikolić, the winery’s chief oenologist, it is a step higher in quality than its predecessor from 2015.

New Gold, a wine from the premium line, was produced in a limited series of about 6,000 bottles.

Trijumf champion in Croatia!

After the poker of gold medals they returned from Germany, the Trijumf Barrique, Trijumf Gold, Regent Reserve, and Rodoslov Grand Reserve wines are returning from Croatia with the same number of gold medals and one championship title.

Trijumf Barrique 2012 was declared the absolute champion in the white wine category, and the fact that Trijumf Gold was the second-best white wine in the evaluation speaks volumes for the success of Šumadija wines in this competition. In the red wine competition, Regent Reserve 2012 and Rodoslov Grand Reserve 2009 won gold medals.

Another great recognition for Serbia, Šumadija and the Aleksandrović winery.

Trijumf wine for the president of China

During a state visit to Serbia, the president of China had the opportunity to try not only Serbian food specialties but also well-known domestic wines. Aleksandrović winery with its wines was part of a formal reception that took place on June, 19th in Smederevo at Villa Obrenović. The president of China, the president of Serbia and the prime minister of Serbia made a toast with the first Serbian sparkling wine – Trijumf Chardonnay and then spent a considerable time in conversation with the owner of the winery, Božidar Aleksandrović.

“The wines are great! I believe that the wines can have great potential in the Chinese market” – said Xi Jinping, the president of China and then continued to ask questions about the annual production, the vineyards area and the counties in which Aleksandrović winery exports its wines. The owner of the winery highlighted the fact that “The Chinese market represents the market of great importance to Aleksandrović winery. The expansion of the wine culture in China is very rapid and Aleksandorović wines are present in the market for almost 4 years now. We believe that the export will increase in the following months.”

During a luncheon, Trijumf Late Harvest from Aleksandrović winery was paired with Serbian sweets.

The long-awaited Trijumf Rose from the 2015 vintage

The absolute hit of the summer that is behind us, Trijumf Rose 2014, with a changed style and varietal composition, won wine lovers all over our country. After a long wait, Trijumf Rose from the 2015 vintage is finally in the bottle, and the owner of the winery, Božidar Aleksandrović, and oenologist, Darko Bogdanović, do not hide their enthusiasm for the new Trijumf Rose.

All lovers of this wine will soon have the opportunity to enjoy it again.