Vožd Aleksandrović Wins Gold Medal at Decanter World Wine Awards

Exciting news arrived from London as the prestigious Decanter World Wine Awards, one of the most rigorous and esteemed wine competitions globally, announced its results. Among over 18,000 wines from around the world, our Vožd 2017 has secured a gold medal. The wines are judged by renowned global experts with “Master of Wine” titles, and a gold medal requires a score of 95 points.

Vožd represents the pinnacle of Aleksandrović winery’s efforts, a unique wine crafted from pure Cabernet Sauvignon that we have meticulously developed over many years. Vožd emerged from a collaboration with three faculties: the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, and the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, leading to the development and patenting of a technology by Aleksandrović Winery for producing wines with high antioxidant levels.

“This award is yet another in a series of recognitions that come as a confirmation of the consistent quality of Aleksandrović wines,” said Vladan Nikolić, the winery’s oenologist.

Our journey began with years of dedicated work in our vineyards, where we selected and isolated the finest plots yielding grapes of exceptional quality, with the smallest berries harvested at the end of October.

Following years of hard work, Vožd was born—a wine with remarkable aging potential and the highest quality, exhibiting extraordinary fruitiness, complexity, and richness, all while having high antioxidant levels.

“Winning gold at such a prestigious competition as Decanter represents a great success for Serbian winemaking. This award has been brought about by our vineyards, which are now over 20 years old, and it represents the fruit of the time, effort, and hard work invested in the vineyards. For us at Aleksandrović Winery, this recognition is very significant because it confirms years of work and unwavering dedication to producing wines of the highest quality,” emphasized Božidar Aleksandrović, the owner of the winery.